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The liberal argument is always to counter with nonsensical attacks that try to force people to back down.

Against Gun Control? You support the death of children.
Against welfare/public assistance? You are selfish and hate the poor and minorities because you're racist and rich.
Drive an SUV or sports car? You hate the planet and want to kill helpless deadly polar bears.
Against Ethanol? You hate the planet and hate farmers.
Support school vouchers or freedom to choose schooling? You hate minorities and teachers because you're racist and sexist.
Support "right to work" laws? You hate America and American workers.
Support concealed carry? You want to murder a minority like Trayvon Martin because you're racist.
Don't want to pay any more taxes? You are selfish and don't want to pay your "fair share".
Support Voter ID laws? You hate minorities and want to re-enact slavery because you're racist.
Support stricter enforcement of the laws already on the books? You hate minorities and are racist.
Shoot someone that attacked your family in your home? You are a psychopathic killer who intentionally wanted to kill a minority because you are racist.
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