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Got some progress done today..

Yanked out the transfer case:

The meeting (my pretty southern transfer case & and the dirty northern 6 speed box (probably says words like pop and whatever northerners say- lol))
The idea was my transfer case is early model and nobody was sure whether it would bolt up to the late model 6 speed box)

Ran into two issues:
1. had to remove this little guy from my transfer case:

2. My factory bolts where 1/2" too long (just order ones that come off a 6 speed 330xi from the dealer)

Other than that, everything looks great

Next step was to see if my z4 3.0 (shorter overall height and throw than OEM) shifter would fit.. and the answer is probably not. I'll try bending the selector arm a bit, but will maybe have to go to a z4 2.5 shifter ( i don't like how tall OE xi shifters are)

I'll make my final call when I get the linkage installed (depending on the angle that it sits in the car it may just fit

Which brought be to my next problem:

the bracket that the shifter bushing snaps into is completely MIA on my car:

I emailed the guy who sold me the pedals and he said I could come remove that bracket from his parts car.. whew- hopefully I can get it welded on without too much trouble.

after a good bit of searching I found the part on realoem.. hopefully there is one in the country: 41128246251

oh and FWIW torque convertor bolts are a PITA to remove from XIs (or maybe it was just my headers).
Going to try and drop the auto out of the car tomorrow
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