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Went to Gun Show Today - WOW!

So I decided to go to the show today to see how bad it really was out there.

My wife and I actually got up early and headed over. We were there by 8:30am.

The show officially opens at 9am, emails went out to those on "the list" for early bird at 8am.

The line was 15-30 mins long to get in depending on NRA, exact cash, or neither.

PACKED! I mean PACKED by 9am. People walking around looking for a quick $500 profit on used ARs, etc.

By 11am they were offering free admission for Sunday if you left now.

Shoot Straight (largest dealer) literally quit selling guns for 30 mins at a time to catch up with paperwork and payments and they had 30-40 employees.

I left around 1:30 and the BBQ line was probably 30 mins and the line to get in the show had to be 30-60 mins.


a few good deals: (Saiga mags for $25 each, Spikes AR for $1100, S&W Magpul AR for $1200, Springfield XD kits for $469, etc

a few ok deals: used Glock 23 mags at $25 each, Tapco AR mags for $30, etc

a bunch of rip offs: S&W AR for $2000, Olympic AR for $1700, Glock 33 round mags at $125, Generic at $100, etc.

Two or three times as many people than I have ever seen at a gun show at any time or any day.

The biggest dealer (Shoot Straight) had some decent deals, but there was NO negotiating at all. 2 hour wait just to pay for the gun you picked out with 30-40 employees working as fast as they could and eating pizza standing up.

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