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So, I bought an 8.2 inch Noveske upper in 300 blackout today because it was available, but its not the one I want. It is below

Does anyone know what the VIS upper is? First off, they don't make it anymore. The one I bought has the NSR rail system on it, which I'm not really a fan of. I don't like that it uses proprietary attachments and I prefer a quad-rail design. It appears to me that the VIS is a monolithic upper, where as the quad-rail they make now isn't. I'm not really sure why they would have made the change. Anyone have any idea? I mean, I thought the monolithic upper concept was better in theory, though the new design is no-doubt lighter. The one I bought is on gunbroker now...trying to search for the one I really want.

This is the VIS

This is the one they make now, the lo-pro (the one I was looking for, but now I'm not sure I shouldn't be looking for the VIS version above)


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