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Busy Day

I made good progress today. Replaced the voltage regulator in my Bosch alternator, replaced the oil filter housing gasket, replaced the oil pan gasket, reinstalled the PS pump and alternator and belts. Unfortunately, my replacement subframe bolts didn't arrive, so I reattached the subframe with the old bolts, and I'll leave it on the jackstands until the new bolts come in, and just replace them and torque one at a time.

I also reused the guibo bolt, but that one is also relatively easy to get to, and since I had the entire front suspension disassembled, I'm not really sure whether my steering wheel is going to line up right - so I'll probably install the front lower control arms next, and see how the wheels are going to line up. Because the front spindles were swinging free on the struts, I don't think there was a lot of push on the steering rack during manipulations, but I didn't always have the ability to look.

I'd say that the job was not too hard, and would have been entirely pleasant except for that &*%%$% top driver's side torx bolt that goes forward into the pan from the tranny housing. I had to use my smallest 1/4 inch drive wrench to be able to get on it, and only had one ratchet click worth of swing. TEDIOUS!!! No way to torque it, so I just used feel. It's not a gasketed joint, so if the torque is not entirely uniform for those three bolts, it won't be too big of a deal.

I also replaced my motor mounts during this process, and forgot to add the heat shield on the passenger side. Since I was reusing the crossmember bolts anyway for the time being, I just loosened the drivers side of the crossmember enough to let it drop but not far enough to disconnect the guibo, and then supported the crossmember on the jack, and removed the bolts from the passenger side. I was able to lower that side enough to get the mount out, fit the heat shield and get it back in pretty easily.

The other little problem I had was that the rubber cushion on the crossmember, somehow became dislodged, and it was very difficult to get it reinserted completely. Still not sure it's little rubber tooth was all the way seated in the crossmember hole, but it's in proper position, and I couldn't poke it out with moderate finger pressure, so good enough I suppose.. I'll get one more crack at checking it if it turns out that I need to adjust my steering wheel position. Otherwise, it will stay as is.

Once again I want to thank anonymous-coward for posting this thread. It was a very thorough and well organized procedure that was easy to follow.

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