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Originally Posted by sadpanda03 View Post
Ok...Ive been searching for something like this for a long time now...but I do have a sedan...I know you said they have to be molded to the door panels, but will they sit flush on the sedan door at all? And what is the mounting depth for a speaker magnet? I am not wanting to cut, but I guess I will if I must.

Do you possibly have any more pics on a sedan?
Hello. They sit flush on the door, but it would look best molding them in and making it look like one piece IMO.

I can't give you an honest answer about the mounting depth since I never had them installed.

Each pod is roughly 27.5" L x 13" H x 3" D and the wood is 1" thick. Maybe you can use these measurements to help with your calculations?

I don't have any more pics on a sedan, but I can take some for you. Just tell me how you would like to see the pods on the door and I will borrow my friends car to take the pics.

Originally Posted by sadpanda03 View Post
Oh, also. The pics make it look like the door wont shut properly, do they not end flush with the door panels on the hinged side?
I was rushing when I took that shot, but I was pretty certain that the pod did not line up with the door edge of the sedan. Sorry you don't live closer, I would let you check them in person.
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