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It's one thing to pick up a can of paint, even the factory mixed color, and paint the part expecting a job that will look acceptably similar to the factory job. It's another thing to actually make that happen.

Besides paint, if you wan't to do this the way a professional painter would do this, you will requre these materials.
  1. 2 sheets of each grade wet/dry sand paper 100g,220g,320g,400g,600g,800g,1000g,1500g,2000g.
  2. A 1x3x5 closed cell foam block that you can form into a sandng block to be used with the sandpabper.
  3. A spray bottle for water.
  4. A solvent bottle for squirting laquer thinner to clean parts.
  5. A flexible surface prep rattle can. A sandable hi-build primer.
  6. An organic mask, to keep the fumes away.
  7. A buffer, 3 type of buffing pads, and at least to types of polish.
What they didn't tell you at the shop is that BMW factory painjobs have a clear coat over the top of them so you're going to need that too. The clear will need to be an air dissolving catalyst to work from a rattle can. Add to the cost. The next thing you'll need t learn is when to use with grade of sandpaper as you're taking the surface down.

Good Luck

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