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Originally Posted by ChiefM3 View Post
Hey guys, I am new to this forum and I am looking for some advice. I recently bought an E46 M3 SMG after selling my E36. I am wanting your guys imput on the first improvements/ Modifications that i should make to my new baby.I have a little bit of bread to spend but im not looking to buy everything under the sun. What was or would be the first thing you did to your M3? Thanks for the advice.
Mileage on car?

+1 on doing the maintenance and if you have cash, then invest it in preventive maintenance...get a new cooling system, or at least wp, therm, and ET. Get new control arm bushings, guibo, csb. Change all fluids...all of them. Pulleys, belts, filters, maybe plugs and coil boots.

If this car is new to you but used, you have to assume little was done, despite what the PO might have said (at least in most cases you need to assume this).
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