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That's awesome dude, good luck finding a pup!

Last spring my mother and I were looking for a new dog, I reallyyyy wanted a cockerspaniel and she really wanted a poodle mix. We were looking all over pet finder and local shelters for anything that fit but to no avail. Finally we stumbled upon a local breeder of Cockapoo's, the cockerspaniel and poodle mix. It was some older lady who lived on like a farm or something of the sort. She had been breeding these dogs for like 40 years or something, she obviously really knew what she was doing. It was cheap as a shelter and the dogs are perfectly breed and even paper trained by 8 weeks when we got her.

She's actually a year old today now that I think about it, wow!

If you decide you want a smaller dog let me know! haha
But basically what I'm trying to say is, if you're patient, eventually you will find the right dog, and right breeder/shelter/etc.

10? weeks:

~9 months:

Oh! We found the breeder in an ad in the local paper! Check there! Some of the older folks who do this wouldn't necessarily post online you know, they would do it old school - in the paper!

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