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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
For example? What social rights?
Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post
Watch the vid, he's a Christian beating the drum of god-given rights but putting a money spin on it. It's drivel.

If you can't see that the video is simplistic, narrow-minded, biased and dogmatic, you are just delusional.

Marijuana is getting paid for one way or another. Legitimizing it and moving the money path out of the shadows and into the light doesn't mean that the govt is going to "make you pay" for someone else's weed.

The religious conservatives in this country know their influence is slipping away. One of their tactics to get what they want is to try to align themselves with fiscal conservatives. If they can't get you to oppose abortion for religious reasons, they'll settle for getting you to oppose it for financial ones.

"Liberal" and "conservative" are broad, often useless labels that are most effective in creating an "us vs them" mentality. And there are plenty of mindless sheep that simply toe the party line.

But in the real world, people often aren't that simple.

Govt: I think there are things the govt is good at, and things that simply have to be done by govt. But I generally think smaller govt is better. More should be done by the private sector.

Taxes: Taxes should be minimized in line with smaller, more efficient, more accountable and results-oriented govt. Redistribution of wealth shouldn't happen. Financial success shouldn't be penalized.

Religion: I believe strongly in the total separation of church and state, and think politicians religious views should be excluded from their decision making.

Welfare: I favor less (but not no) govt welfare, more accountability/higher expectations of able bodied/minded people receiving it, and an increase in private sector help for people in need.

Abortion: I don't believe life begins at conception, so I'm generally pro-choice.

Gay marriage: I think preventing it is discrimination and a civil rights travesty, pure and simple.

Guns: I'd love to get rid of all guns, right after we get rid of all bad people. Until we do, they're here and we have to deal with them rationally, not emotionally.

You can run through the entire list of subjects and you'd find me falling on different "sides" of each. I am "conservative" on some issues, "liberal" on others. Maybe I need my own label, but "delusional" doesn't quite fit.
I agree with most of this except for the gun opinion. I'm an avid hunter and when possible I enjoy trap/skeet shooting. If you eliminate bad people then why the need to eliminate guns? That's like eliminating bad and drunk drivers and then saying okay eliminate cars. I smell fear (perhaps ignorance?) of a harmless and inanimate object.
"You are free to make choices. You are not free to escape the consequences."
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