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Originally Posted by TitaniumCranium View Post
It's one thing to pick up a can of paint, even the factory mixed color, and paint the part expecting a job that will look acceptably similar to the factory job. It's another thing to actually make that happen.

Besides paint, if you wan't to do this the way a professional painter would do this, you will requre these materials.
  1. 2 sheets of each grade wet/dry sand paper 100g,220g,320g,400g,600g,800g,1000g,1500g,2000g.
  2. A 1x3x5 closed cell foam block that you can form into a sandng block to be used with the sandpabper.
  3. A spray bottle for water.
  4. A solvent bottle for squirting laquer thinner to clean parts.
  5. A flexible surface prep rattle can. A sandable hi-build primer.
  6. An organic mask, to keep the fumes away.
  7. A buffer, 3 type of buffing pads, and at least to types of polish.
What they didn't tell you at the shop is that BMW factory painjobs have a clear coat over the top of them so you're going to need that too. The clear will need to be an air dissolving catalyst to work from a rattle can. Add to the cost. The next thing you'll need t learn is when to use with grade of sandpaper as you're taking the surface down.

Good Luck
There is no way you need to work up from 100 grit paper, especially on a small part like this. You also don't need a ridiculous buffer setup. A part as small as this could easily be polished to perfection my hand. You're exaggerating the difficulty by a long shot.
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