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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
There is no way you need to work up from 100 grit paper, especially on a small part like this. You also don't need a ridiculous buffer setup. A part as small as this could easily be polished to perfection my hand. You're exaggerating the difficulty by a long shot.
Really? It completely depends on what you consider an acceptable paint job. I'll admit I have OCD to a fault and have accepted that I am a perfectionist living in an imperfect world.

If you screw the clear coat up and don't get a mirror finish (glassing the paint) you either take it back down and start over from 100-320,prime, finish sand 400-600 and repaint until you get it right, or you wet sand it out with 600-2000 grit and buff it out. Yes you can hand polish but you cannot get a mirror finish by hand even on a part that small. Can you get close, yes - but a buffer (a real buffer not a porter cable) can do what no hand can do. No painter makes money on buffing, but few armatures get away with laying glass. That's the difference between a paint shop that does reputable work and work that's just, "hmmm, yeah it looks ok".

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