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Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
I agree with most of this except for the gun opinion. I'm an avid hunter and when possible I enjoy trap/skeet shooting. If you eliminate bad people then why the need to eliminate guns? That's like eliminating bad and drunk drivers and then saying okay eliminate cars. I smell fear (perhaps ignorance?) of a harmless and inanimate object.
I almost didn't mention guns because I knew someone would fixate on that one point and this discussion would get completely off track.

This is not a gun thread and I'm not going to turn it into one. We're not exactly short on those.

I listed all that crap just to illustrate myself as an example of a person that doesn't fit neatly into a conservative or liberal bucket. If you and I only disagree on that one point, I'd say you're the same.

That's what this thread is about.
- Our need for a trigger warning might be your trigger.
- Offend our inclusive values, we'll exclude you.
- We will not tolerate challenges to our ideal of tolerance.
- We seek diversity of appearance, but uniformity of thought.
- We always want to start a dialogue, unless we find your opinion unacceptable, then we'll silence you.
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