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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
I had to move my appointment as I'll be out of town on work this next week.

I've been giving some thought to trying a legit Crossfit routine for a while (accepting that my body gilding days are, for now, over). There's a good Crossfit gym up the street from me and I'm trying their "introductory" class this coming weekend. I have a hard time doing something without an opportunity for competition, so we'll see if I like this.

And for a little story I probably shouldn't tell I said in my last post, my symptoms are 95% gone. But that still leaves 5%. When I have an "episode" I basically have to go and it's VERY urgent - to the point I get a mini glute workout trying to NOT crap myself (which does wonders for your ego when you're creeping up on 30 and have to actively think about not crapping yourself.) So today I'm at the gym and decide to tan after my workout. I'm in the bed hits me. I had four minutes left on my time and I spent about six minutes total attempting to not "sh!t the bed." Also, having gas in a tanning bed is the worst. Not only is it an enclosed space, but it's HOT. Cooked farts while trying to not sh1t yourself...misery.

That is all.
Hahah the fan used to blast the farts right into my face. I'm interested in how you'll like the crossfit stuff. Hopefully you won't see the doucheyness just yet
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