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Originally Posted by dinan19 View Post
This is confusing the crap out of me. But im sure ive prolly already given you a headache and i appreciate your help even though im still confused. Ill just keep searching and try to get some more information.
I'll try to make this as simple as possible.

Each O2 sensor has four wires. Two are for the heater. These are usually white. One is a ground. This is usually gray. One is for the lambda measurement. This is usually black.

Your post-cat O2 simulator creates a signal on the black wire that fools the computer into thinking there is a post-cat O2 sensor present and working correctly. You can put this O2 simulator wherever you want - it doesn't go in the exhaust. For the two heater wires, you're going to leave these connected to the car's post-cat O2 sensors. You can either hang the O2s in the drug bin or just screw them into your headers. It doesn't matter. They're not doing anything but completing the heater circuit so your car doesn't throw a code.
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