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Originally Posted by Green_Shine View Post
His broad statement about liberalism and conservatism is accurate. However, for example if the legalization of marijuana when added costs of government oversight cost the tax payers less than the war on marijuana than it would be fiscally conservative to actually have marijuana legalized.

Where life begins aside, if abortions help population control and for "entertainment purposes only" we assume the majority of people getting abortions are uneducated and/or people who are currently unfit for the role of parenthood we can only assume it would be less harsh on the tax payers to NOT have another mouth on the government t!t.

Fiscally conservative in my mind should always equal less taxes on the American people.

Lastly, I don't think him talking about abortions has anything to do with his religion, one can easily not have a religion but believe life starts at conception.
Agreed on all points, drug taxes will be huge. Most abortions are from would-be unfit mothers. I'm all for abortion, but I do believe that "life" begins at conception...I'm not religious in the slightest but I see "life" as a scientific event.
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