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Ok if you own a SMG M3, you should always have at least 1 spare salmon relay in the car at all times. you can get the relay at any BMW dealership, but I would check around and get it at the lowest price (including shipping & tax).

Now to address your issue. Will a clutch adaptation learn-in fix your problem. Yes, if your problem is clutch engagement. Maybe or no if there are other issues. A SMG clutch should last in excess of 100k miles under normal usage. (now anything man made can fail at any given point in it's life span) Check your regional forum section for someone with a INPA/DIS/GT1 computer that is willing to do a clutch learn-in. You're going to need a heavy-duty battery charger also.

The cost will be based on the hourly rate of whomever is performing the work. A fanatic might charge you $60 and a dealership might charge you $250 ( all prices are guesses as I don't know what the person performing the work's hourly rate is and how long they perceive the work to take.)
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