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Originally Posted by kicker1_solo View Post
My fuel pump went out at around 165,000 miles on my 2000 323i. I ran out of fuel at around 1/4 tank. With the help of this thread, I determined it to be the fuel pump, put a new one in and it fixed the problem. However, now the problem I have is that the fuel guage acts normal until it gets just above 1/2 tank, then it stays there for the rest of the tank of gas. It started doing this as soon as I replaced the fuel pump, which was 6 months ago. Since then I have pulled the pump twice to double check that I installed it correctly, and I still have the same problem. Any suggestiions? Thanks in advance!
Check out this post:
This guy had an issue with a part called the Sucking Jet Pump. It transfers fuel from the tank on the left to the one on the right. Somehow, he had knocked it loose when he installed his new pump. He responded to my post, and had identified the issue. Here is the post:
You could PM him, and he can explain exactly what he found, and how he fixed it.
If that is not the exact problem, then it is probably something with the sending unit on the left side. It mounts under the rear seat just like the fuel pump, but it is on the left side.
But, since this occured at the same time you installed the new pump, I would bet that the Sucking Jet Pump has somehow been knocked loose, and is not functioning properly. So those earlier posts should help you.
here is a diagram of the parts involved. The Sucking Jet Pump is part #3. Unfortunately, it does not show exactly how everything fits inside the tank. But I think your issue is probably related to this, so this may be what you need to get it sorted out. The Sucking Jet Pump can fail, so if it has not been knocked loose, it may have gone bad. But since it happened when you changed the pump out, I would bet that something has been moved.

BTW - Don't fill your car up until you get this problem sorted. Don't fill it more than 1/2 a tank. You don't want to have to remove the pump or the sending unit with a full tank of gas. The pump sits lower than the full level of the tank, and the gas will come pouring out if you remove the pump with a full tank.
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