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Originally Posted by M3N7AL View Post
Awesome.. If anyone else has any other tips or things to look out for/check it'd be great to hear them.

Some people have been mentioning Fuel Filter change..
You can go nuts if you really want to. I did the fuel filter in my 325 at 140,000kms and it was still perfect but because I did it myself it was fun (besides fuel in my eye) and only cost ~$100. Are you DIY'ing or paying to have someone do all the work for you?

If you are DIY'ing then you could do things like belts, pulleys, fuel filter and a couple of other things if you really wanted to as the parts are relatively cheap. Probably under $300 for everything I just mentioned.

If you're paying someone else to do it for you then it might not be worth it. You'll probably get stung 2 hours labour for a fuel filter alone so there's no point if it's in perfect condition.

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