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E46Mango is correct.

TIS steps do not involve starting the car.
I've just done coolant replacement 2, 3 weeks ago and standard bleeding procedure has worked for me.

You have to open that bleeder screw and keep pouring through the filler neck until air bubbles stop coming out of the bleeder opening.

Not having hot air means you have air trapped in the system.

Also do not overfill seems to be little bit confusing advice.
You have to overfill on the initial fill. When I was pouring coolant back in, the filler neck was full to the rim. At that point I only had about one gallon in but I slowly kept pouring and air bubbles kept coming out of the bleeder screw.
You can massage the lower hose to get that mix sucked back in.

When I was reaching two gallons in, air bubbles stopped coming out.
I then closed everything up, hot air on max and fan on max and took her for a spin - all good.

The next day level was at minimum on a cold engine so I just topped it off a tad. I like to be in the middle with coolant level. No issues since.

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