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Hi Rkeimer,

Shortly after having the car problem I brought it into my garage, and started pulling the door apart like you described. About 30 minutes into the job I happen to try the door again and voila it opens. I left the car in the garage over night thinking it might be moisture of a weird build up of ice. Over the next couple of days I drove the car around and periodically checked the passenger door, with no problem. About a week after this I was picking my father up from something and boom door doesn't work again. I then realize that the day I'm picking my father up is a pretty cold day about -25 C and that the few days where it worked it was a warmer but still below freezing. I assumed moisture in the cable or housing, or on the release mechanisms.

So I decided to pull my car into the garage once again, after about 30 minutes the door thaws and voila it opens. I then decided to take the door apart and I proceeded to take the rubber covers off of the cable housing ends. I then sprayed the entrances to the cable housing and the mechanism itself with sea foam deep creep and worked the outside door handle back and forth. I did this for about 20 minutes and put it all back together. It worked! I'm guessing that it was moisture inside the cable housing which would allow you to pull the handle and open the door, but then the ice would not allow the spring to return it to the original position.

It has worked ever since, I did it just before Christmas, you'll have to forgive me for taking so long to reply, I will blame it on hectic holidays. This morning it is -27 C and no problems .

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