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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
lucas...the thing is now, that the system was filled and improperly bled from the start, that bubbles could be anywhere...and when you fill according to standard TIS instructions, there's no circulation of coolant.

The alternative method 'blows' out the bubbles where they should collect in the ET.

I don't think he can just pour coolant in now and fix his issue so easily...but maybe I'm wrong. Certainly wouldn't hurt for him to just add coolant and see what he ends up with...but usually the only time you'd fill to the top of filler neck is when you've drained the entire system and are slowly adding coolant...waiting for it to come out the bleeder. Now, I don't think it's that simple...but we'll see! lol
Coolant does not need to be circulated, D. Air will get pushed to the top through gravity alone. The system is not airlocked. Also, even if your theory was true, the engine has already been started and driven once. Any "circulation" of coolant has already been initiated. He just needs a proper bleed, that's all. I've done several E36s and E46s per cold bleed procedure with 100% success rate.

And yes, the tank MUST be initially overflowing. This job done properly will be messy.
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