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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Anyone know what would be involved to take my DDM4V2 and turn it into the short barrel mk18? Or is that just nonsense idea?
Check local laws to ensure that you can own an SBR.
Create an NFA Trust or Corporation or send out paperwork to CLEO, get fingerprinted, have him sign off on the Form 1.
Send out lower reciever for engraving.
Send out Form 1 to ATF with a check for $200, wait seven months for it to come back approved.
Send out barrel to be cut down.
Purchase a new handguard (I don't recall what length yours is now, I think it's too long for a 10.3" barrel) and gas tube.
Purchase new buffer/spring combination if you don't get a Switchblock or some other adjustable gas block.
Mount upper/lower.
Enjoy SBR.

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