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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post
You can, but people will laugh and question why you are not running back up sights.

They will then specifically ask "what happens when the battery runs out or the red dot breaks".

Then Tailo will post a picture of a dude that has a hole in his Aimpoint with the caption "this is why you learn to use irons first".

That's all just a guess though.

Haha.. gotcha. So iron sights with the red dot in line like was suggested earlier.. The one thing I don't really get though is the advatnage gained by having a red dot in line iwth irons.. at that point, why not just use the irons? I'm sure this is uber noob question

Or, even better... get the troy armories folding sights, use those instead of the fixed sights on my dd, and then run an aimpoint.. total win right?

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