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Originally Posted by dpk204 View Post
Bavauto says it is and I want to know what you think. A local guy said he will put them on for $90 and I am strongly considering them if they give me a drastic improvement.

Also, if I get them, I don't think I will buy the upgraded endlinks.

What's your advice regarding the bavauto swaybar upgrade?
Which one? Doesn't Bavauto sell several? And you should either buy upgraded endlinks or fresh Lemfoerder endlinks with bigger sways.

Originally Posted by serdar255 View Post
Hands down it is the best handling mod you can do for the money.
Do you have aftermarket sways?

I had Hotchkis, wouldn't do it again. They certainly give the car a more buttoned down feel, but they don't improve grip as much as you initially feel like they do. Also the endlinks wouldn't stay tight until I double nutted them with red loctite.

I have a 25/20 setup now from the Z4 M-Sport front/E46 convertible/Xi rear, all OEM parts, and it's a nice upgrade and I have no complaints.

Originally Posted by hummer View Post
You my friend are either talkng to the wrong people or you really like your understeer! That huge bar change only on the front will make things worse. If you are going to change springs, do that first, feel what it's like and then consider other changes. Huge bars are a good stand alone change. I did this with 27/24 bars on OEM sport suspension. But, true suspension performance comes from proper springs and shocks. Then the sways can be used to tweak the fore/aft balance. When I went to PSS9 and then Sports and H&R sports, those huge bars were way too stiff. Went back to stock front and 21mm rear. In my opinion the UUC bar set is good as a stand alone change and would still be OK if springs and shocks are changed later. But the huge 27 or 30 mm front bars are radical dude! Kind of like 20" wheels!
Hotchkis bars are hollow- so 30mm isn't what you think it is. For the most part I do agree though.

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