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Thoght on G.A.S DISA Rebuild Kit

It's just plain awesome
It comes with EVERYTHING you will need to repair your DISA
DO NOT buy your a new DISA that will just **** on you again later
I bought this kit thinking I would need extra things as it talked about using loc-tite and sythetic grease and things of that nature while installing.
But when it arrived in the mail, and I opened it up. I was quite surprised
It comes with the loc-tite and grease and even some cotton swabs to put it on.
It comes with a lag bolt to get out your old swing arm. (I didn't need it because I had my DISA already taken apart and put back in the car with the flap removed.) Performance was down but it didn't sound like a can or marbles anymore.
After putting this whole kit back together, and using the upgraded supplied o-ring...
I am EXTREMELY pumped on how my car runs. It has much smoother rpm climbing and extremely better throttle response. Of course that is in part to my replace intake boots that I did at the same time. I also did my ICV valve while I was at it, and lemme tell you what a pain in the ass that thing is to get out. I have pics of all of this operation to come. Just wanted to give a shout out to an AWESOME company.

Feel confident in ordering your parts from German Auto Solutions
I am not a sponsor or any **** like that.
Just a dude that got way more than he bargained for when buying this kit.
It's ****in' awesome. And easy to use if you can turn a wrench (torx)

And read...

You'll have to know how to read...


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