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Help me keep my son off a motorcycle

My 18 year old son--a freshman at Berkeley--squared away nicely...mentioned a month ago or so that he was "thinking of getting a motorcycle."

Last night I see him writing a thank you note to his Uncle...I learn that his Uncle, my brother-in-law, moron mechanic, is going to help him find a motorcycle this summer, teach him to ride it, so he can then buy one for himself in California.

I'm livid about this. My wife has said, "he can do what he wants, he's an adult."

She's right, but he's our kid and we have influence over him. She's aiding him in this purchase, rather than just saying "no" and ending it.

I've told him I love him and don't want him to die; I've discussed the reasons why motorcycles are dangerous.

Any of you have any hints that might help persuade him? I trust him...but not road surfaces, not other drivers. I have to try to convince him...and part of my trying is asking here.

I can't convince my wife, which astounds me, so I have to work with him...which is probably the right path anyway.

I know many of you ride and ride safely, but hope you can understand I don't want my son on one. If you can help me figure out how to convince him it's not a good choice, I'd appreciate it.

I'm pitching driving his car to California...would be a great trip for him...or selling it and getting a smart car (babe magnet!)...something like that.
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