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Originally Posted by DrkSide_RbL View Post
In the end, if you can't convince him to not get a byke then atleast try to convince him to take safety motorcycle courses that you will provide for him...
I haven't been livid with him...though maybe he'd think so...

The safety course is a great idea. His moron uncle (my b-i-l), said he'd help my son buy a bike this summer, learn to ride, so he could buy a bike of his own in California...this moron once drove his new jeep into a puddle...that turned out to be a 6' deep pool of water!

I know bikes are awesome, but they're inherently more dangerous than traveling by car...nothing against the rider as much as against many road surfaces, but mostly other drivers. You who ride know how dangerous it is because of moron car drivers, right? I'm sure that's your greatest threat on the road.

My son has only been driving 2 years. His situational awareness isn't developed like yours is. I need to do what I can to try to convince him to find alternatives...and if you can help me, that'd be great.

I know they're fun and awesome...but here...I'm a dad who loves his kid and wants to keep him safe. And, before you go on about how risk averse I am, I'll just say that a large part of that might be because my brother was killed by a train when he was 8 years old. I was 10. I lived with what my parents went through then, which was more than what I went through (I was only 10)--anyway, I need to give it the old college try to convince him.

I'm hoping he'll just drive his car out there. How bad would it be to have a car at/in Berkeley? Oh, also, how gheybe is a scooter around there? lol For some reason, maybe stupid ones, I think a scooter might be safer.
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