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Originally Posted by adaseb View Post
...which makes you more conscience and prevents you from doing anything stupid...
Does that really apply to the average 18-year old..???

Dmax, your concern is a valid one. I can tell you so because I've almost been plowed down a couple times by careless drivers. Also because I know how I ride today versus when I was 18, and there's a big difference. I'm a natural when it comes to driving/riding but some of the things I did back in the day make me cringe today. I'm lucky to be sitting here typing this out.

A lot of unknowns make you more vulnerable on a bike - other road-users, adrenalin, road conditions, weather conditions, lack of a crumple zone, just plain old stress etc. etc.

But you need to rationalize your fear. If you think he's not ready for the responsibility yet, that's your judgement to make as a dad. However, don't expect to remote-control him and keep him off a bike long-term, that's not fair. Also, if he is bent on getting on a bike, you can't keep him off one. If it's not now, it'll happen next year, couple years down the line, sometime.

IMHO, you need to first put your foot down with the uncle and let him know clearly that he's not helping your son with this without your consent. Then you should have the conversation with your 18-year old, but be reasonable. Tell him you think it's best he waits until he's older, until he's out of college. The only way you can get him to go with your idea is to be reasonable, frank and caring. You need to appeal to his best senses and he needs to understand that your motivation is because you're more experienced in life and are concerned about his safety above everything.

I guess that's the best you can do. It may take some persistence on your part, but be patient. Maybe he'll grow out of the idea, maybe he won't. If he doesn't, then you need to think of the ways you can serve as a facilitator to introduce him to riding responsibly when the time is right.

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