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Originally Posted by b0bab0i View Post
Your son is lying to you.
Berkeley is 40% Asian.
I know Berkeley has a large Asian population. Personally, I'm glad. If we didn't have Asians in this country, we wouldn't have to push to excel in many subjects.

I don't have a bigoted bone in my body...I was just joking (Asian people, stop sending me your hate PMs!)

My strongest point with my son is that I love him and he'd destroy my life worse than his own if something happened to him.

My wife is helping him finance this and my moron bil is getting involved. I haven't talked to bil in years...if I told him to back off, he'd want to get even more involved. He's a d!ck...even compared to the worst here! serious about the offer to butt rape him? You are such an exceptional fanatic, I have to say! PM sent!
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