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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
I know everyone's going to argue with me on this, but the fact is that you are less safe on a motorcycle than you are in a car. Maybe most motorcycle accidents are caused by the idiots/squids riding them, but there are also way too many posts about guys who have ridden for 20-30 years accident free, and then get rear ended by some 19 year old teenage girl who was texting. As much as you want to and try to be situationally aware 100% of the time, sometimes that 0.5% of the time you're not watching your mirrors are when you get hit, and all it takes is one hit to completely change your life.
Anyone who argues with you over that point is an idiot.

Originally Posted by CRZY BMW View Post
I love to ride! I've owned two R6's and have riden for years. Honestly, how you ride greatly effects how safe it is, but regardless all it takes is one yahoo to ruin your day. Most of my friends that ride have been down; I was lucky enough to never go down. There is a saying, "there are those of us who have gone down, and those who will."

I decided it just wasn't worth it in southern california and took up flying instead since it was always a childhood dream.
I know what really happened. Obama took your bike.
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dont listen to these fuQ faces... just go to a junk yard and get a used complete left rear end. i cracked my left rear control arm on the highway because i was driving w/o shocks... lol! ***Was too busy caking on these bitches instead of taking care my car!***
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