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I'm young so I don't have kids but I can say that I got my motorcycle license when I was 17 and started riding my dads r6 before then. My parents were cool with it on one condition. I had to take the safety class. Also my parents were strict where I took it. Once I turned 18 though they didn't care as much because I bought a gsxr600. I also have gone down as well and I didn't ride for almost a year because I was so damn scared. The more you resist him getting it the more he is going to want to. He will have to learn to ride it and I say take the class. Obviously its different being that you are in Cali and traffic is a whole different situation then on the east coast but like someone else said. The thing you have to worry about it other drivers not your son. If you feel he is responsible enough for a bike you shouldn't have problems but if you don't then he shouldn't own one. That's why my parents let me get mine and start riding young.
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