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Is the CSL Bootlid OEM? Not many companies that make a semi-decent CSL Bootlid will ship to Australia, and then there are always fitment issues and then painting it... making it a really expensive exercise, but its something i'd love to do.

Are there any sacrifices when changing to the CSL intake? What is everyday driveability like? Does it suffer in any way?

I buy all my big ticket items from the US, however i manage to get good buy rates here in Australia for OEM BMW parts. I weigh up the cost of the part, plus freight, plus any down time and sometimes opt to pay little more to get the part locally to have the car back quicker, however i am finding at the moment that BMW Australia and other OEM parts retailers like SMG (Stillwell Motor Group) aren't keeping large amounts of stock of things that i need, and i find that i am often waiting for things to come out of Germany. From memory, i paid about $300 to replace my M3 MAF locally.

Have you done the CSL steering rack or considering it? I don't find much of an advantage with it... i only notice it at low speeds reversing out of my driveway, i also noticed it when i had to replace it - had to be made to order in Germany, that sh1t was expensive.

Do you get your car serviced at Auto Classic in WA? Its good that they allow you to bring your own parts, but i suppose these places need to become accustomed to people being more savvy with buying parts for cheaper than they can sell it for (or even buy it for in some cases). I've found that retailers (whether mechanical or tyres etc) don't really mind, as long as you don't ask them to put items of questionable quality on your car.

I am not looking forward to my next tyre purchase... it sounds like all the decent tyre manufacturers have tightened the screws on tirerack and all the tyres i like putting on my cars, can't be sent to Australia. The last time i checked, Goodyear still allowed tyres to be shipped to Australia (but that may have changed). I did an M-Dynamic BMW Driver Training day at Eastern Creek and thrashed an E92 M3 on the track all day, and all the cars were fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1s - i was pretty impressed with the punishment they took and how they looked at the end of the day. If i can still get my hands on those, i will probably buy a set.

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Thanks, I've only ever seen one LeMans Blue M3, owned by a guy in Germany, I think its a pretty rare colour. Its an Individual package, that I'm slowly adding CSL bits too, done bootlid, diffuser, steering wheel and intake. Intake is definitely the best mod, if I had to recommend any one mod, that would be it. Bought all those parts from CA Automotive in the UK, they let you buy OEM CSL parts without supplying a VIN. Car now has an Evolve-R tune ( http://www.evolveautomotive.com/engi...ap-alphan_940/ ), the intake noise of the throttles sucking is mental, this is the sound you get

I buy ALL my parts from the US, the price differences between here and there are crazy. I always have enough parts in the shed for 2 full services. The BMW dealer here doesnt mind, I just rock up with my car & parts on the backseat, and pay for labour. I remember when I first got the car I got quoted $650 here for a MAF sensor, same part in the US was $107! Car is MAF-less now anyway with the new intake. CSL intake filters are still a bit rich though from either US or UK, around $130 a pop! Who knows what BMW Aus would charge for them, $6-700 probably...!

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