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Oil Filter Housing Gasket Post-DIY problem!

Hello everybody,

I have a 2005 BMW Z4 2.5 Roadster, which shares almost everything with the E46 3 series. I wanted to get help from you guys because I can't figure it out And there are not so many Z4 drivers out there who like DIYs.

However, I have been reading the forums for a long time but just got an account now.. Unfortunately I have a problem after replacing my oil filter housing gasket. Briefly:

1) Removed the air filter box and loosened the serpentine belt. Also took off the oil filter to drain the oil in the housing to the oil pan.
2) Removed the alternator. (Z4 doesn't have a hydraulic power steering system, so removing the housing was very straightforward)
3) Removed the oil filter housing assembly (also replaced VANOS line in this step incl new washers)
4) Cleaned the burned oil marks, contact points etc.
5) Installed the new gasket & housing. Torqued to 22nm.
6) Installed the alternator
7) Install the belt and air filter box.

Thats basically what I did. The problem is that: The car idles at 900 rpm straight. It used to idle at ~550-600 rpm before the DIY. Also I am hearing a whistle noise below ~1500 rpm, I didn't have that either. I suspected that I could have damaged the MAF, so I unplugged it and nothing changed, in this case it is not the MAF right? And the whistle sound is not coming from the intake. I took off the air intake box for a few seconds and there was no change in the whistle noise. There is definitely something wrong and I can't figure out what it is... I am open to your expert opinions

I found a video and I have this exact same noise (whistling/purring and the suction noise at the end!):

Thank you for your time..
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