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Originally Posted by kuksul08 View Post
What about my dirtbike comment? There is a lot of dirtbiking in the bay area whether you go to a local park or north into the national forest. It will satisfy his urge, teach him how to handle a motorcycle, and guess what - no cars. I think we can all agree that cars are the dangerous part.

Secondly, if he is absolutely 100% without a doubt going to get a bike, at least convince him not to get a sport bike. I don't care what anyone says about how "it's the rider, not the bike". If he gets a fast bike he WILL go fast. Slow bikes are actually more fun and at slower speeds the likelihood of a serious injury is less.
I liked your point a lot...only issue is he's a student, on the Ultimate Team, in a Frat, and won't use a dirt bike much around the area as a dirt bike...I'm sure it's fun, but I don't think he has the time...but I'll toss it out as a back up plan.

You guys have all been great and I really appreciate it. Even the trolling has been useful!

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