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Originally Posted by chillinhardinanE46 View Post
Thanks for the post and information guys.

I think I have found the problem!

briangl92: Thanks for that information I will print this out and take it with me. I recently rolled the dice with BMW...
Took the car in for code P0430 and they said CATS were good. I told my buddy jokingly that they would say its an airleak when i dropped it off. When i picked it up they stated it must be an air leak after the MAF or a faulty MAF. So I got charged lol.

Tech4tech: THANK YOU. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I dont know why i couldnt find that posting earlier. I swear i tried searching. I checked out the picture as you mentioned and guess what!! I found oil where you said to check.

Look at this picture attached. I took this before I left work.. car was sitting minimum of 4 hours.

After I saw this I didnt wanna drive my car anymore after what I read in the other post you linked.

So am I dealing with a failing CCV here guys? Im assuming yes but would like to confirm.
Also if I go back to the dealer and tell them what I found, what is the likelyhood that they will admit or say that the CCV is at fault? Is the oil in the hole a definite sign of a failing CCV or can something else lead to this?

I will be taking the picture and the TIS document with me. I will probably have to wait until wednsday.

BTW i appreciate your guys help.
I was recently working on replacing the valve cover gasket on my friend's car (M56 SULEV) and saw the same pooling of oil at the CCV outlet. However I am not convinced if that means the CCV is bad.. possibly this sort of oil accumulation over a long period of time is normal. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on this topic could chime in. And you're right, it's pretty hard to find info about the SULEV engine because there isn't that many of them around. Please keep us posted on the progress.

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