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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
The biggest deal is the other cars, Peyton, and the increased risk of serious injury/death. He's my son...that's the big deal.

Hmmm? Maybe I can convince him to strap my old leaf blower motor onto his Trek bike? That'd be a fun summer project!

I need to do what I can to keep him off bikes...nothing personal. Anyone know of creams or salves that give someone hemorrhoids? Griffin, back to you on your butt rape should know if there's a salve like that!
Not trying to devalue your sons life so don't take anything I say the wrong way. It's just one of those things that will happen at some point in his life he's a guy and its a motorcycle.
I personally got my bike at 16 and it was great. It's a fast bike too. I've never been down and I'm more than aware of the risks in daily traffic.
However I think you're better off guiding him to be safe than denying him and having him do it anyway.
Are you going to stop him from ever playing a sport? Do you know football players life expectancy is far less than the average person? Would you stop him playing ball? Would you stop him from getting under his car to work on it? Many have died from that task.
I understand 100% where you're coming from. And you're the dad, not me. But I really think you should let it happen and guide him to safety. You talk about riding as if its a death wish. It's not. Have you ever ridden before?
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