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Yep, all OEM, just look on the CA -Auto site. You want to click on the section that says GENUINE BMW M3 CSL parts. Theres 4 sections, Chassis, Engine, Others, Styling. Be sitting down when you look at the prices

You can take the VAT off the price as we dont pay that, and you'll usually get another 10-20% off on top off that. Roy is a top bloke to deal with, I emailed, then eventually rang, just made things a lot easier to sort out. Parts had to come from Germany to him, then onto me.
To change to the CSL box you need to bend the dipstick over so you can reach it, and relocate the SMG reservoir if you have an SMG car. Its a big job, no way I would tackle it. Car fired up first time no problems, I was there as he finished it, I had the same mech from Auto Classic do all the work. Car has since been retuned by Evolve twice as I changed a few exhaust parts, they extract a few more HP out of it again. If you go down the CSL airbox route, the Evolve tune is recommended as they can really milk it. I hook my lappie up to the OBD port, ring Sal at Evolve in the UK, and he works his magic on the ECU file, sends it back, and reupload it onto the car. Done it once on a dyno, and once in my garage when they tweaked a few things.
As to driveability, at idle just sounds and runs exactly the same, can hear the throttles sucking a little bit. Once you hit about 4K rpm all hell breaks loose noise wise, throttles start sucking in small babies as you drive down the street. Sound is pure magic. Only problem is, you want to bury your foot all the time to hear that magic noise Jeremy Clarkson gives a good example of what it sounds like here

As to tyres, I'm on Michelin Pilot Super Sports, got them from tirerack. Best damn tyre I've ever used, grip levels are nuts! They cut it off for a while, but as far as I know the doors are open again on a lot of brands, you can bring in what you want. If not, I'll just freight forward them from tirerack or Tischer to address in US, I use Shipito

PS : What colour is yours, bloody nice as well...!
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