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I know you're set on him not getting one, and I'm set on trying to convince you otherwise but what exactly does he want one for? Canyon riding? Weekend time?
If those are true maybe I can recommend he get a supped up NA miata or an e30 convertible.
Either of these cars offer the thrill that a bike does as a decreased risk. Although both of those cars will need to be modded with suspension and bits that make them sound fast.
I speak from experience. My e30 doesn't quite offer the excitement and thrill that my motorcycle does. But the e30 comes very very close and it's a hell of a lot more comfortable to live with. Keep in mind, my e30 isn't stock so that's why I can compare it to a bike.
Maybe this helps.

Dirt bikes are only a good option if you don't care what he does in the future. Dirt bikes lead to road bikes no matter what. It's natural progression. He will also get hurt or break something on a dirt bike. Guaranteed

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