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Originally Posted by Hi-LowBlow View Post
Hi everyone,
Let me please ask one question to you guys. I had an opportunity to drive an SMG M3 the other day. His was '04 and mine is '06, but it felt like his smg shift a bit quicker even the mode that i use was the same (S4). He said that he had to replace the smg pump about a year and half ago, do you guys think this could be the factor that the smg shift a little faster? Is there any other factors that make the difference for the shifting speed with the same mode? (S4 vs S4, or S5 vs S5)

Thanks in advance.
I'm going to guess that he has an older SMG software because his car is 3 years older. The older software a shift faster and more aggressive. BMW started coming out with updates that slowed down gear changes to not put so much wear on the cars. But yes maybe his newer pump made a difference. Not too sure. If you want faster changes get the CSL software. It shifts faster and raises the launch control. You can also get the Euro software that has higher launch control but shifts will be the same. Hope this helps.
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