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Tell him to stay away from anything bigger than a 600, I just got back from a ride on a cbr1000rr.

One small twist of the wrist, next thing you know you are going almost 150. Takes serious self control on these things. It's hard to imagine a teenager in control of something so powerful where there's little margin for error and requiring you to be alert and in control.

Also to the above post stating girls will go to the BMW instead of the bike. I'll have to call bs. It's so easy to get a girl to ride with you it's not even funny, be it complete strangers or people you know, they are always asking for a ride. Yes The BMW attracts women, but not to the extent of a motorcycle. It's like driving a Lamborghini but with two wheels. You are definitely noticed more on a bike.

That said I'm still not entirely cool with bikes, and think only mature adults should own them only as a weekend toy, riding in traffic and daily is crazy IMO.


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