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What did I do... First off eff ECS Tuning this week, I love them though. They're slow and lazy off vacay. I ordered a camshaft sensor and the O ring, OEM, yada yada, i get it with my kidney grills from a former fanatic -.-. (I have food poisoning btw but I just want to get the crap out of the way.) Turns out they sent the WRONG sensor, so I call them and they tell me I have to buy a new one first, then they refund me. I'm $20 on my card because of the dang price on the thing..... Whatever, I've never had such little room to get that screw out of the sensor and back in, took me 6 hours of walking back and forth taking breaks, puking out front because I'm guessing my stomach didn't like being bent for so long. Thank god for a good DIY tip that helped me get the screw in. It's midnight, I'm sore and it just got put back. Thank God for extra tools or I'd have no luck because half of them felll at the bottom of the car! The seller of the grills told me they'd fit, so I'm pumped! They didn't fit. I spend $45 on shlit. Anyone interested? Could use a few prayers to get better! Moral of the story, I shouldn't have even bothered removing the sensor.
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