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Originally Posted by flashmeow View Post
I.actually have some experience with this. The oe alarm horn was broken so we played around with it. This is what I found.

1. The BMW alarm siren is not a maintenance item. There are there Philips screws on the back but there is no way u can remove the siren. U it open. The siren was welded together via ultrasonic

2. The alarm siren has a battery. The siren will still go off if someone.decides to.cut your main battery. The battery is connected to the alarm PCB via a 2pin plug. The battery is.removable.

3. The siren is insolated so there r no magnetism. The siren the PCB via a 2 pin connector. However, the siren is not.removable without some surgery.

4. The alarm has a PCB(printed circuit board) that provides the audio tones to.the.siren among other.things. the audio tones are programable.

As for me, I unplugged the defective siren and mounted an external speaker. I just drilled a hole on the plastic.cover and connected the speaker the PCB. We then gorilla clue the oe.alarm siren housing together. U can use JB weld too.

I hope this helps. Good.luck

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How do you get the motion sensor unplugged?
Is there a trick to it? When removing the motion sensor case some of the tabs broke off.
I was gonna unplug the sensor and take the plastic piece out and glue them back on but cant since the wires wont allow it.

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