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Originally Posted by briangl92 View Post
I don't know if I missed it, but are you getting any codes? With a rough idle you should be getting codes. If not, then I'd start considering stuff like engine mounts.
Yea I am getting code P0430. Ive gotten a misfire once, but that was after i switch two coils around. I have another thread with more info on codes and how the car acts here http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthr...897616&page=22 post #430 .... just noticed that little coincidence. lol

I did think about the engine mounts but the car is pretty smooth while accelerating and driving. Not only that but I also have a cold start shuddering issue, and recently my mechanic mentioned that a suction noise that occurs when turnining off isnt normal (I thot it was) so its starting to make a bit more sens that its the CCV. I noticed that oil is also going into the hose that connects the vanos to the Intake Manifold. I wasnt able to take of the IM end of the tube as it was super hard and I didnt wanna break it. But im sure its in the same condition as the vanos end is.

What type of test can confirm the CCV. on an M56? vacuum test, smoke test?

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