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Originally Posted by CRZY BMW View Post
$100 per landing... Fortunately groups like AOPA got it to exclude prop planes for now, but it wont be long.
Wait, they've actually passed something on landing fees? It's gotta be only at the big airports.

Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Better than trying to keep your daughter off the pole
That's gotta be true.

Dmax, like Scott said earlier, you're funding him, you still hold the power... So he can have that motorcycle, if he wants to lose everything else. Those were the rules from my father and I never argued.

My father let me scratch the itch by going on the occasional ride with him in a pack out on highway 1 for safety's sake. But riding around berkeley and the east bay with a motorcycle? The place is already hell to drive around in a car, there is rarely more than a day that goes by where a car doesn't somehow magically flip over (in perfect weather mind you) on the 580. If he was up in rural north dakota where traffic is sparse, then yeah, it's not the end of the world. But he's only 18, coupled with a dangerous driving environment, there's no way in hell any part of that makes sense.

Easiest solution is to send in griffin.
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