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Originally Posted by CRZY BMW View Post
Its in the works... They talked about it at the aopa summit in palm springs in october. They successfully fought to get prop planes exempt but said that its only a matter of time. The faa director said they are going to need the money to fund nextgen. It would be any towered airport... So even us little deltas. He said the current adminstration is pushing hard for this... and they were waiting on the election results.

Yeah, fvcking brilliant, as though the pilot shortage won't be bad enough, let's kill off one of the last lines of work people still come to this country for. Already they up the minimum hours, make it prohibitively expensive to do anything but get paid **** being a regional pilot, and now this. If they want to start designing systems that can integrate UAV traffic in with GA, then it should be coming out of the pockets of the UAV operators, not the common pilot, same with restructuring airline routes, why should anyone other than the airlines bear the costs affiliated with its implementation?

****'s got me livid.
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