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Originally Posted by DonaldE View Post
Seems as though you're just getting lucky with a new one. If I ever replace something that was poorly designed, I never replace it with the exact same thing and hope for the best. It's like stepping in the same pile of dog **** and hoping not to get it on your shoe the second time. For a third of the price and privilege of working on my car, in glad I went this route. It was fun and rewarding. Not to mention its made entirely of aluminum now instead of plastic. Cost me 80 bucks with the upgraded o ring. I'll get the pics up tomorrow.

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FWIW, I've never seen a DISA fail in real life. I've worked on quite a few E46s too. The ones that do fail have 10 years/100k+ miles on them. I wouldn't exactly call it a pile of dog &&&& because it needs to be replaced every 10 years. Lots of people have done this mod and regretted it, AFAIK. Glad it worked for you though.

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