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Originally Posted by Vusa Paulos View Post
Hello Chris, thanx so much for the effort you are putting to help me. im not a mechanic too but i have a feeling that since im in the enginnering field i will eventuall get to the root cause...i really dont know where the vaccum pump is,i would love to check it too. i tested the fuel pump and its pumping pressure of just above 3.5 Bars..i bought a complete minor service kit ie: spark plugs,air filter,fuel filter,oil filter and oil.
i have checked if the fuel is getting to the injectors and for sure it does. how do i check the injectors themselves, how can i check the vaccum system/ vaccum throttle body.
im in botswana Chris,where can i get that manual you spoke about.? you can contact me directly at 00267( 74025476) or (00267) 6214385 or if you dont mind you can send me your contacts and i will contact you myself...please,thanx for your patiance its highly appreciated.
Whereabout in Botswana do you stay, myself am in Francistown. With mine its an annoying sound coming from around the belts area which gets more pronounced when i press the clutch. its a 318i aswell
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