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Originally Posted by asdetail View Post
not working?,why not? do you, have the canbus adaptor unit attatched to the harness? and as for the radio, i am not sure if the 330ci and the 325 have the same radio antenna setup but i installed a "dynavin clone" ahem,cough,,, in my vehicle which i see is the same vintage as yours and radio and steering wheel controls work fine.
It still suffers from the same nitpicky little problems as the dynavin but overall i love it! i,if you have the oem screen i think you need to run antenna cable from the dynavin to the boot where all your radio hardware is, that will fix your radio problem, the in dash screen in e46 is just that,a screen, everthing else is in the left side of the boot, hope that helps
That's the thing. I could not locate the harness in the dash at all!! Nor could I see an existing antenna cable to connect to. I do have the Dynavin adapter and antenna adapter to plug in. It's like the harness was cut off or removed?! I have no idea what was done back there.

The original stereo did have a touch screen TV unit in the front, and a 6 CD stacker in the back, and another box that appears to be a TV tuner or something. Not sure if there's a GPS unit as well.

Does this mean I need a FAKRA cable? Would that get my steering wheel working again as well??
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