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I just replaced my thermostat. I went from having a low of 66C on the highway at 80mph in 30F weather, to holding 95C in as low as 20F weather (I'm sure it will hold to even lower temps). Your operating temperature specs are most definitely correct.

As far as how long it takes to heat up, my car is in the center within 5-10 minutes of driving.

The low boundary on the buffered temperature needle is about 75C. If the needle is not DEAD center, then you have an issue. You could even have an issue if it is dead center, but if it's off at all, you DEFINITELY have a bad thermostat.

I also need to add that I had no error codes for a stuck or malfunctioning thermostat. I ran the car at that temperature 66C-75C on the highway for a month or two in 40 minute intervals. The error never appeared.

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